Standard Shipments
Rates to Canada via Standard service do not include brokerage charges. Brokerage Service is provided by UPS for an additional charge. The following extra charges may apply for Standard shipments to Canada when UPS is the broker:

  a. Disbursement
  b. Entry Preparation (See Miscellaneous Charges)
  c. Goods & Service Tax 
  d. Provincial Sales Tax
  e. Harmonized Sales Tax 
Potential Additional Charges

  a. For more than five lines of entry, a charge of 4.50 CAD applies
  b. For Worldwide Express and Expedited shipments there is no Entry Preparation Fee
  c. The Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) fee for collecting brokerage charges is 4.25 CAD  (plus GST of 5% - .21)
  d. Import permits are 23.00 CAD each (Note: Each permit accommodates three commodities only from a single country of origin. Permits are required for each country of origin. Multiple permits may be required for shipments at 23.00 CAD each).
  e. Agricultural Processing Fee is 16.00 CAD
  f. Low-Value Shipment Amendment (re-rate) is 5.00 CAD
Disbursement Fees
Fees are charged for payment of duty and tax by UPS when funds are not provided by the customer in advance. A fee of 2.7% of the advanced amount or 5.85 CAD, whichever is greater, will apply for duties and taxes advanced by UPS on behalf of the importer.

Miscellaneous Charges

      Entry Preparation Fees in CAD     

Value Range Fee
0 to 20.00
20.01 to 40.00
40.01 to 100.00 
100.01 to 200.00
200.01 to 350.00
350.01 to 500.00 
500.01 to 750.00
750.01 to 1000.00
1000.01 to 1250.00
1250.01 to 1600.00
1600.01 to 5000.00
Each additional 1000.00